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About Aliya Marketing Group

Aliya Marketing and Fundraising Group is a sole-proprietorship run by a man with expertise in business, marketing, fundraising, and the Jewish communal world. Independent contractors are often used for larger projects. Together with this team of independent contractors, Aliya has raised over $400 million for businesses and charities in the U.S. and Israel and is currently working on over a billion more.

Joshua C. Karlin is the Founder and CEO of Aliya Marketing and Fundraising Group. He started the firm after 20 years in business and with 20 years experience in the philanthropic and Jewish worlds as a volunteer and professional fundraiser.

Joshua is passionate about business, Israel, and the Jewish community. He’s always happy to talk to anyone about challenges in those areas and looks forward to helping businesses and not-for-profits meet those challenges with compelling action based marketing and fundraising plans.