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Free New Client Funnels For Dentists

I’m pleased to announce that we have expanded our online marketing services into using the most powerful platform ever created for finding new customers, clients, or patients. Facebook.

Facebook has combined user generated information with databases across the entire economic and demographic spectrum. The ability to target customers has never been so powerful. Indeed, Facebook will even analyze your current customer list and find similar people automatically!

To kickoff our new service we are going to provide our first 3 new clients with our service at no charge! You just pay for the ads. 

Why would we work for free?

Two reasons:

  1. The truth is that we are just expanding into this area and we’re looking for a couple of businesses to experiment with what we’ve learned.
  2. We’re looking for clients who will tell others how great we are. So if you take us up on this offer, you have to agree to share the amount of revenue that you make as a result of our work, and you have to agree that we can share those numbers. It’s a win/win. You get new clients/patients and we get great references to help us grow this side of our business.

Just click here to schedule a quick 15-minute call to see if your practice qualifies!