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Jewish Fundraising Consultants

I was just updating my home page for my marketing and fundraising consulting business, Aliya Marketing Group. I was focusing on finding my top 3 keywords and optimizing my site. On my home page I use a silly example of a page I put up a year or two ago that got me ranked for “The Best Fundraiser in Rhode Island.” Yes, there are more than a dozen of us, but I’m not sure how many more.

On the other hand, I just discovered that I rank #3 for Jewish Fundraising Consultants. Actually I’m the second one ranked as the first one is listed for two pages. There are a few hundred if not a few thousand of us in that category. I can tell you about this because I’m not worried about the competition coming in and targeting me for that keyword, though to be honest, now that I know, I will be gunning for #1.

I suppose it should not be a surpirse. I am doing a good amount of fundraisng for charities in Israel. In fact, there is a great review of my work as a model for raising funds for Israeli charities on Maya Norton’s blog on Jewish Philanthropy here:  Best Practices for Israeli Charities.

There seems to be a pretty strong need in Israel for Jewish fundraising consultants as colleges and not-for-profits continue to expand. I’ll do mybest to keep up with the demand, but I may need to hire an associate or two shortly.

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  1. Dear Joshua,

    Thanks for the links.

    I’m in agreement with you that there is a tremendous need for Jewish fundraisers for universities, nonprofits, and community organizations in Israel. It’s a completely different ballgame than any other type of fundraising, both from a Jewish and Israeli perspective.

    Wishing you well and congratulations on your newly discovered #3 ranking.

    Maya Norton

    The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy

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