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MajorGiftsNow and E-gagement™

I am pleased to announce a spinoff from Aliya Marketing Group. MajorGiftsNow will focus on bringing the technology of e-gagement™ to the charitable world. E-gagement™ is the marriage of The Science of Engagement to the Art of Relationship Fundraising.

Using technology you can engage more donors, more deeply, and in a way they want to be engaged. As your donor moves through the cycle from awareness, to exploration, to expansion, to commitment to your charity, they need different kinds of communications. Early on a transactional relationship might be more appropriate, but as the donor becomes more involved communications need to be on point to what the donor cares about most.

E-gagement™ begins with permission. We begin the process asking your donors to take a survey and then we take their lead in communicating with them about what they have told us they care about most. It saves substantial amounts of money as there is no need to pay for donor research. And it is more accurate too.

Ultimately we automate the process of contact and we track interactions with your website and information offered. In so doing, we know who is most engaged and what they are interested in making deciding who to meet with and what to talk about with them a much more efficient and productive process.

Ultimately e-gagement™ leads to major major gifts and legacy gifts, faster, less costly, with happier donors and more productive professionals. And for charities that qualify, the standard 12-month program even comes with a guarantee of a return of 20 times your investment.

If that sounds interesting, check us out at