Marketing & Fundraising Consultants

We Make Fundraising Campaigns and Sales Go Up

Aliya Marketing Group is a multifaceted fundraising consulting and direct marketing company.

As your marketing consultant, we specialize in helping you to harness technology to build a more effective marketing program. And marketing is the ultimate leverage for your business.

You can increase your profits linearly by cutting your costs or increasing your margins. But by increasing the effectiveness of your marketing, you can grow your business exponentially.

There are only three ways to grow a business:

1. Increase the number of customers you have
2. Increase the number of times each customer buys from you.
3. Increasing your average sale

You can increase your customer base by cost effectively driving more potential customers to your website where the process of converting them from leads to customers begins.

And the same business-like approach works in managing fundraising campaigns as well.

At the Jewish Federation of Rhode Island, we reduced the number of non-renewed gifts to our annual campaign by 62%. That was not difficult to do. It just took focus on the second way to grow a business, increasing the number of times a customer buys from you.

For many products or services, a sale can take an average of seven contacts. Most salespeople and companies stop before their best prospects buy. Whether you are a business or a charity, we show you how to automate much of the process and ensure no potential customer forgets about you.

While we are experts at marketing, we specialize in major gifts and capital campaigns. Those are the campaigns in which individuals are cultivated and solicited for their support. It takes planning and execution and we work with you on the first and stand with you on the second.

Fundraising for Business Start Ups

One of the fastest growing parts of our business now is helping real estate developers and promising companies raise funds for their projects. In Real Estate we connect those seeking funds with equity investors with expertise in your sector so if needed they can bring in additional equity partners or financing for your deal. In business we help raise private equity from angel investors and venture capital firms. It takes more than a great idea to raise money, it takes the right presentation, by the right team, to the right people. If you have a need for these services or want to connect us with an angel, please contact us.

Not Just Your Fundraising Consultant or Marketing Coach

We Provide Solutions

We are not afraid to take responsibility for results. Except in real estate deals, we always ask for a retainer upfront, but, if you qualify, you may choose to share your increased profits directly related to our efforts in exchange for lower upfront fees. At one time we didn’t even ask for the retainer, but discovered that clients without an investment were not responsive enough to ensure quick results. Results are easy to track since we specialize in direct marketing.

While it is not considered ethical to provide fundraising consulting on a percentage of funds raised basis, we are pleased and proud to structure our agreements with reasonable fees and bonuses for achievement of agreed upon goals.

For more information on fundraising, marketing, and valuable insights on each, visit Aliya Marketing and Fundraising Ideas.

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